Don't risk your child failing as a reader. We have a program designed for parents to teach their own child to read. If your child cannot read by the end of second grade it is time to act fast. Do this free course and see how easy it can be. And if you are still not sure you can do it, we are here to help. We will help you find a tutor to coach your child.

Illiteracy is a handicap

If your child can't read, everything is harder for them. Every day at school is miserable. Often this results in behavior problems or terrible shame. You can rescue your child from this nightmare and provide them with a precious gift that will help them blossom. Be a Superhero! Teach your child to READ!

No more arguments

Does your child hate to read? Do you have arguments and tantrums every night over homework? Do you fear that your child will never learn to read well? Toe by Toe was written for you. Either you or a tutor can end this pain in 6 months.

Toe by Toe

Toe by Toe is the program.

20 minutes per day.

Every day

6 months

Are they worth it?

Everything is better

When you can read:

  • School is easy
  • Self-esteem is high
  • Behavior is better
  • Life chances open up

Success is within reach! Grab my hand


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Reading Rescue

My course is free. Try it out.

Reading Rescue shows you how simple Toe by Toe is to teach someone to read. A child (over 8), a teenager, or an adult.

It's cheap! Some courses and tutoring programs cost $1000s. Buy a Toe by Toe book for about $50- and get started today.